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Navin Gurung
Navin gurung 


I started playing pickleball in England back in 2018 which was introduced to me by my Spanish friend Mr. Leonardo Gonzalez from Spain. As tennis and table tennis player myself, I quickly adopted this sports and started enjoying the game . As this sports is mainly based on skills and technic, I gathered,  Nepal had great future in this sport. I introduced in Nepal for the first time in 19th of January 2019 in Pokhara with few British and Spanish friends.  Since then, donating few pickleball equipment’s, I join PAN ( pickleball association of Nepal )group and started expanding pickleball by organizing training programmed in school and clubs . Now I am satisfied with PAN group of their dedication and the way it’s developing and catching a grip in many schools  and clubs in Kathmandu. With the help of few British friends such as Karan, David and sally , we manage to organized charity pickleball in Kathmandu in March 2023. We are Hoping to organize international pickleball in march 2024 next year. I hope to see more young Nepali pickleball players in Nepal in near future in entire Nepal and develop as one of the main Sports . All the best to PAN team and keep on rocking.

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