Nepali Pickleball Team Departs Sikkim To Play The Tournament

Pickleball association Nepal

 Kathmandu, 22 member team of pickle ball association Nepal (15 players and 7 official) has departed to Sikkim for Globally recognized game of Pickleball .

To represent the game going to held on dated Jestha 13/14 Nepali team has departed to Pakyong Sikkim. Pickleball Association Nepal President Saurabh Bhandari and Vishal Milan Center President Hari Adhikari shake farewell hands to the Nepali team today by handing the jerseys and equipment with good wishes during a program. New Lakshmi Jewelers UK and Thread Garments have supported the players with jerseys and sports equipment. Social worker and director of New Lakshmi Jewelers UK, Lakshmi Rai said that she is committed to the development and promotion of pickleball in Nepal.

Globally loved Pickleball game has huge numbers of followers in Nepal too. Pickleball Association Nepal had organized the tournament in Kathmandu last March. In which more than 5 dozen athletes from different countries participated, Nepal won gold medals in 2 categories with excellent performance. Likewise, Pickleball Association Nepal is preparing for an international tournament in Kathmandu in March 2024, and the president of Pickleball Association Nepal, Saurabh Bhandari, informed that players from more than two dozen countries, including world champions, will participate in the tournament.

Pickleball Association Nepal in collaboration with various educational institutions and local clubs has been developing and promoting the game of pickleball in Nepal.


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